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fruit loop as a fox!

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2d animation, adult swim, alliance, amelia bedelia, anatomy, angel investigations, angel the series, animation, art, art tutorials, avatar: the last airbender, beam me up scotty, being fully functional, ben sisko, blood elf, books, cair paravel, california, captain hammer, cardassia prime, caritas, cartoons, character animation, character devlopment, danny butterman, daughters of eve, deep space nine, doodling, dr horrible, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dr. noonien soong, draco malfoy, draeni, dragon age, drama, drawing, dumbledore, elim garak, enchanted forests, exaggeration, fairy tales, fallout 3, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy writing, far-off lands, fiction, figure drawing, firefly, gaming, garak, garak/bashir, ghosts, gingerbread houses, harry potter, harry potter fan fiction, harry potter slash, harry potter wallpaper, harry potter whore, hayao miyazaki, high speed pursuits, house m.d., icons, internet, ipod, jade empire, jayne cobb, joss whedon, kotor, krevlorneswath, left 4 dead, little red riding hood, lt. commander data, mal/serenity, malcolm reynolds, matt greoning, mind melds, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, narnia, nicholas angel, nightmares & fairy tales, not sharing this interest, odo, odo's bucket, phantom dennis, philosophy, pon farr, q, question/huntress, reading, realism in animation, realistic character designs, roleplay, rpg, san francisco, sarcasm, scholar ling, science fiction, serenity, severus snape, shanshu, shaun of the dead, sherlock, sketching, slash, sleeping, slytherin, snark, snark with snarky sprinkles, south park, star trek, star wars, television, the brothers grimm, the chronicles of narnia, the hyperion, the never-ending sacrifice, the-hammer-is-my-penis, tmnt, traditional animation, tumnus, united federation of planets, victorian etiquette, video games, vintage photographs, wallpaper, wit, world building, world of warcraft, writing, zomromcom
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